About Square Motion

Why Choose Us & Meet the Team

Square Motion

is a Video Marketing Agency located in in5 Media Innovation Center (TECOM, Dubai Production City). We are creating a unique and engaging videos mainly for corporate clients. We are focused on Video Production – we guarantee 100k views of your Video on YouTube in 1 month (if not, we will return your money back).

Vit Kodousek

CEO and Co-Founder

CEO and Co-Founder of Square Motion, and has more than 20 years of experience in the video production field. Speaker, Video marketing expert, and Video Producer.


JC Brigoli

Post-Production Manager

A Content creator who loves getting his hands dirty by doing film making and editing.

Michal Dusek

Sales Director

Passionate about solving the pain points of our customers. Specializing in new customer-centric sales trends. Always out there bringing the desirable results.

Daina Nigmetova

Production Assistant

Being a production assistant I feel like I am the mother of the whole team, assisting costume designers, directors, camera people, and other crew members, and that same feeling gets me more motivated.

James Evgeny Golubev


I like telling the story through the artistic and technical decisions I make regarding lighting, film stock, shot selection, camera operation, and other elements.


Evgenia Vichikova

Post Production Manager

I love the way that I am always behind the camera for the reason that I am the first one who will see and feel the emotions going through the film.


Angelina Rose Verghese

Script Writer

ooohh, it always makes me so happy whenever the scripts I created are already in the scene of the film, from imagination to pen and paper and now it is on the film/movie.

Edvinas Janusauskis

Motion Graphic Designer

I’m always fascinated doing designs using 3D space, it makes me go into my own space and just create things

Razvan Chitu

Motion Graphic Designer

seeing my own work into a film/movie, that once I only see in the tv makes me feel so proud.