The Best 5 Video Marketing Ideas

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Video marketing is one of the greatest ways to get your business out into the world this day in age. According to Campaign Monitor, about 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video from that business.

Personally, I would agree! Seeing a cool video about a product instantly makes me want to purchase it. Whether it’s through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat, you can rest assured if its short and memorable people will love it!

Here’s a list of five ideas for videos to pump up your business:

1- About Us!video marketing idea 1

Create a fun and creative “about us” video. Introduce your awesome team by having them say something interesting about themselves, and what they bring to the table. Have the talk about their background in product design, and that they can speak eight different languages! Maybe even put some fun music to it with a dance routine, this will make your video relatable and will stand out from the crowd. You can also add in your business mission statement, whatever it is make it memorable.


2- Demo your productvideo marketing idea 2

Product demos are going to be your best friend. Showing off your product is great, but giving a demonstration of why it’s a great buy is even better. It could be a homemade product all the way to computer software, it doesn’t matter what, just that you have fun. You can also add any important information about your business while you are demoing your products!

3- Q&Avideo marketing idea 3

Q&A’s are a simple way to give the people what they want. It’s the customers’ questions with short concise answers that make them want what you’re selling. Anything that might be confusing or that isn’t displaying your company properly, this is the time to make it clear. This will also be the perfect time to sell your products to people who are unsure about them. Make them want it!

4- Time-Lapse Videosvideo marketing idea 4

These are always the ones I watch when I’m scrolling on social media. You don’t need fancy camera equipment to create one either! Just use a simple camera with decent quality or your smartphone. If you make an epic time-lapse video, people will watch them over and over again! To me, they are mesmerizing and very shareable.


5- Customer Testimonialsvideo marketing idea 5

Customer reviews can make you or break you. Most people will take reviews of products into account before purchasing any product. To do this, start by asking permission of customers to use them in a video, you will need a model release for this. If they genuinely love the product use them! Especially if they have an innovative way of using it, that will get more sales. The fact that it’s in video form is just a bonus because its eye-catching.

Video Marketing has become essential in this modern age to promote your business. This can take your company to new heights in whatever industry you’re promoting. Remember to make it personable, interesting, and above all else make it fun. Now that you have some fresh ideas, head out there and start bringing your business to its full potential!


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