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Some of our Work

Corporate Videos 1

Urban Surveys

Total Views: 500k within 1st 3 months
Shares: 76k shares
300% ROI in 27 days

Corporate Videos 2


88% decrease in Cost Per Lead on multi-six figure monthly ad spend
Driving 36% of web traffic for billion dollar company
Combined 5 million views and counting

Corporate Videos 3

Rayya Wellness Mgallery by Sofitel

Total Views: 92K ans counting
Total Shares 599
ROI in 3 weeks

Corporate Videos 4

Europe Emirates Group

Europe Emirates Group provides company formation services for firms looking to expand into new geographies. They offer company incorporation services, supported by legal and financial consultancy services and cross border transactional advice to individuals and companies looking to establish a business presence in the UAE or other key overseas markets.

Corporate Videos 5

Shock Middle East

B2B video ad Created for Shock ME by Squaremotion. This video is used for 3 Radio Stations in Dubai. This is explanation to advertising opportunities for radio advertisement. Only 2 ads in a row – advertisers are usualy competing who’s ad is going to be the first and the last. The prices are also different depending what number in the ad queue the ad is.

Corporate Videos 6

EXHIBITION EVENT 2 | Research & Development

Corporate Videos 7

DHL Qatar

This corporate video will show you the secret of success of Qatar branch of DHL. Vidoe for DHL internal purposes. This video is an example of great team spirit. DHL Qatar sales generation jumped 300% in the first year and won and award for the most sales generating results in DHL worldwide.

Corporate Videos 8

QER Quality Equipment Rental Dubai

Views 20k
Generated 40%increase of inquiries and leads

Corporate Videos 9

Emirates Technical & Safety Development Centre (ETSDC)

Views: 700k within the first 2 months, (ETSDC website,Facebook,Youtube)
ROI: 2 weeks
Increased company profits by 200%

Corporate Videos 10

Bechara Studios

Views 120k
Generated 150% increased leads per year
800% ROI in a month and counting

Corporate Videos 11

MILESTONE Gardens & Interiors

Corporate Videos 12

SHAPOORJI PALLONJI Properties exhibition

Corporate Videos 13


Corporate Videos 14


Corporate Videos 15


An Impact with No Bounds

Corporate Videos

  • Are you looking to establish your brand’s identity in today’s competitive market?
  • Do you want people to hear you and understand your message clearly?
  • Are you looking for an effective way to explain your product or service to your prospects?
  • Or do you want to introduce your new company in the business world?

All these can be easily achieved with powerful and constructive corporate videos.
With an increased demand for video content, corporate videos have become an essential part of a successful digital marketing strategy for any business.
To stand out in an over-saturated market, you need a smart way to grab your prospect’s attention, and nothing could beat the efficacy of an engaging and creative video.

Use of Corporate Videos:

With corporate videos, you can reach your audience easily. As long as your video is interesting, it can make your voice heard loud and clear above the noise.
Corporate videos cannot only be used on your official website, social media, and presentations, but you can also incorporate them in your emails to reach the specific audience you want to convey your message to.
More than 93% B2B businesses from around the globe invest their resources and time in creating spectacular corporate videos. These videos help in escalating your website traffic and boost your sales.

  • Chances of sales increase by 64% if your website has a video about your product or service.
  • A video helps 90% of shoppers make a decision while shopping online.
  • Not to mention, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world.
  • 80% of internet users tend to remember a video ad they had come in contact within the last 30 days as compared to text-only ads.
  • More than 80% B2B and B2C businesses believe corporate videos on YouTube can shoot up the sales.
  • With videos on your webpage, chances to rank on the first page of Google increase by 50 times.
Corporate Videos 16

500 hours

of videos are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook every minute.
Corporate Videos 17

5 billion

videos are viewed every day on Youtube and Facebook every day
Corporate Videos 18


of contents viewed onlines are videos
Corporate Videos 19

Corporate Videos

Promotional videos –Engage the audience with your brand, and services to increase trust
6290Hours video

A Corporate Video is the Best Way to Apprise your Story

Ready to make Direct connection with your audience using Corporate Videos?

Types of Corporate Videos :

  • Corporate Profile Videos help you introduce your business to consumers. These videos tell them about who you are and what your business is all about.
  • Promotional Videos showcase your products or service and tell people about the benefits of using them.
  • Event Videos help in promoting your business, especially to your target audience. You can film any event from your meetings to conferences, and from seminars to annual dinners.
  • Testimonial Videos help in building trust. Prospects can see real human beings giving feedback about your product/service.
  • Training Videos help people understand clearly about something as compared to the written curriculum.

What Square Motion Can Do For You ?

If you want to make a serious impact on your business right away, contact us now. At Square Motion, we provide custom tailored videos for your business.
Whether you want a promotional video for your service, or you are looking for a Corporate Profile Video, we, at Square Motion, can help you in creating a picturesque video for your business.
From video strategy to scripting, and from animation to production, we take care of the entire process and let you focus on what you are best at.
Get in touch with our team to find out what it takes to create a corporate video for your business.

Highlights :

  • With aspiring videos, motivate people to take action
  • Captivate your audience to build businesses and brands
  • Make an impression and drive results with confidence
  • Through videos, communicate your brand’s story to others

Customers are watching videos, if you want to grab their attention with your brand, you cannot afford to neglect the importance of video marketing for your business.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to create a video?

It entirely depends upon the video type and content. Usually, a 30-second video production takes somewhere between 3 days to a week.

How to use a corporate video?

You can use video in several ways; on social media platforms, email, or on your own website. You can also utilize these videos on YouTube.

In which format I will receive my video files?

We hand over the finalized video files in commonly used file formats for videos like .mp4 or .mov. However, we can also convert them to other formats according to your requirements.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We film everything with high quality cameras, professional lighting, and microphones. We also use video editing software to make the produced videos refined. We keep our equipment up-to-date and frequently update the software as well.

What is the ideal duration of a Corporate Video?

It depends on the marketing strategy of your company, but it shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes.