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Imagine – your event videos getting thumbs up from everyone! We know how to do JUST that with measurable results!

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Some of our Work

Event Videos 1

BNI | Speed Networking Event

Event Videos 2

PANALPINA | Corporate Video 2

Event Videos 3

ATLANTIS THE PALM | Grand Finale Event

Event Videos 4

CEO CLUBS NETWORK | Gala Dinner Event

In this video we take you through Dubai CEO Clubs Network Gala Diner. Watch and listen to interviewees, hosts and attendees, find out what CEO club’s main activities are and meet some familiar faces of the great annual event in Jumeirah Hotel Dubai. The lucky members will receive an annual Award for their contribution.

Event Videos 5

FAIRMONT THE PALM | Christmas Event 2

An Important Aspect of Marketing

Event Videos

  • Whether you are planning an event for your own workers or for the outer world and your prospects, a good video of your event could help you by bringing more business in like any other marketing strategy.
  • With a successful event video, you can make awareness about your business and brand. A well-planned event video can reach the maximum number of your target audience within a short period.
  • These videos attract sponsors, financers, and investors for the future.
  • Event videos help in communicating your purpose and vision.
  • When shared on various media platforms, these videos keep your audience engaged.
  • Businesses using videos generate revenue by 40% faster.

Work with Square Motion to Get Maximum Out of your Event Videos :

Square Motion is passionate about making your every event looks spectacular. Whether you are planning a small event or a multi-day conference, we would love to make event videos as per your requirements and marketing strategy.
We have an in-house team of specialists who are ready to facilitate you with all aspects of event video production. With our years of experience, we always come up with something presentable for you. We have invested heavily in equipment for production and post-production tools to get our customers what they deserve.

Event Videos 6

500 hours

of videos are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook every minute.
Event Videos 7

5 billion

videos are viewed every day on Youtube and Facebook every day
Event Videos 8


of contents viewed onlines are videos
Event Videos 9

Social Media Videos

Promotional videos –Engage the audience with your brand, and services to increase sales
6290Video Hours

Reach Your Prospects Beyond Boundaries

Real Estate Videos are a Quick method to reach and generate interest of buyers

Types of Event Videos :

  • Public Event VideosThe main purpose of a publicity event is to make an impression of your product upon your target audience. Video is the best way to make sure that your event highlights are reaching to everyone.
  • Launch Party VideosReflect the quality and the perfection of your business with launch party videos that are ideal to hit your social media audience.
  • Award Ceremony VideosMake an inspiring example by showing people your award ceremony videos and let them know how much you are involved in the business and your team as well as your customers.
  • Meeting VideosCapturing meetings is not for marketing purpose. However, these videos are used for internal distribution within a company, or you can also keep them as a record for future references.


  • Use event videos to keep engaged your audience
  • Create an unrivaled impression of your brand
  • Build curiosity about your business
  • Increase public opinion of your company

Customers are watching videos, if you want to grab their attention with your brand, you cannot afford to neglect the importance of video marketing for your business.

Frequently Asked Question

What events do you cover?

We cover almost every kind of event you ask for including annual dinners, product launches, award distribution ceremonies, etc.

Can you film outdoor in the rain/snow?

We are totally easy for doing outdoor shoots until unless there are extreme weather conditions.

Do you travel to other cities or just a one city thing?

Yes, we do travel to different cities for our clients.

When will I receive my videos after the event?

The minimum time we need to deliver the finalized videos is 7 to 10 days depending on our workload. However, faster delivery can be done upon demand.