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Some of the Stopmotion Videos we have done

how to make pizza stopmotion

HOW TO MAKE PIZZA (stopmotion)


Do you know that armchairs have their own dance? When we are not looking – they really go wild… here is the proof.


Social Media Video Shoot – for Mobilia Furniture Dubai. Creative way how to show variety of pillows which are on display in the shop.

Fork kills – Stopmotion

Short stopmotion video for Instagram. Creative idea for restaurants and bars.

Cavalli Interior – Instagram video

Short Instagram video from Cavalli Interior in Downtown Dubai Real Estate Shoot.

Golf House TVC

Stopmotion Videos

What if you could use a very unique and original way to engage your audience with the power of stop motion videos?

We have been perfecting the art of stop motion animation for the purpose of helping business ventures market their products and services. This is an extremely powerful media solution that is being implemented successfully by all kinds of industries with excellent results.

The modern potential customer is an individual that is not interested in wasting time. We are living in a very hectic modern world and business ventures need to keep time management in mind when they engage their audience.

The modern consumer is not interested in spending more than a few minutes of reading, but they are willing to spend more time watching a good presentation than reading an article.

We can create stop motion videos that are going to give your business a very unique and attractive way to attract customers!

Our dedication to all kinds of video media has led to mastering the most powerful techniques to create animations. Stop motion continues to be a very appealing way to create videos even with CGI being so common in modern times.

We guarantee complete satisfaction with the results we provide to you!

500 hours

of videos are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook every minute.

5 billion

videos are viewed every day on Youtube and Facebook every day


of contents viewed onlines are videos

Stopmotion Videos

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We are a team of professionals who are able to pull off the most difficult task with ease.

We take social media videos seriously

We work rigorously and tirelessly making sure the content we produce is high quality, up-to-date and engaging

Choose Square Motion for the Best Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

You need nothing less than a team of professionals who are able to pull off even the most difficult task with ease. Luckily, we here at Square Motion have a professional team that fits it all perfectly. The in-house team here at our company is highly professional, creative and experienced.

Our crew will work rigorously and tirelessly making sure the content they create is on the money. In every single way, we will ensure the video is what you hoped for; it’s exactly what you discussed with us. From the optimal length, innovative and creative consistency to engaging content, Square Motion will ensure it’s all there. Let us bring your concept to Life!


Customers are watching videos. if you want to grab their attention with your brand, you cannot afford to neglect the importance of video marketing for your business.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Choose Square Motion ?

We are a company for producing social media videos that have collaboration with ad agencies, local businesses and other units in the market. We are one of the best production companies to produce videos for your business to put on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

What is the cost of video production ?

It depends on the details in the video you want us to cover. If the video is made just by some motion pictures and animations, then the cost would be different. However, if the video is made in your workplace as a walk through and narrative then the rates would be different.

Do you collaborate with other production agencies ?

Yes, we work with different production companies specialising in drone shoots… etc to deliver the best product

What is best: Indoor or Outdoor shooting ?

It usually depends on the budget and requirements of the video. Owing to the weather conditions and sound issues, outdoor is sometimes avoided.

What about the rights of the video ?

The client has the full rights of the final product produced by Square Motion


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